Strong Meat Export Totals in 2021

The latest estimates for meat trade were recently released by USDA ERS. These estimates include export and import data across many different meats including beef, pork, and broilers during the month of August. This article highlights beef export data as each sector is on track for record or near-record export totals in 2021.  

Beef exports set a record at 325 million pounds during August and were 21 percent higher than in August  2020. Japan was the largest volume destination for beef exports during August followed by South Korea and  China. The year-over-year increases in beef exports to China have been large throughout 2021 as shown in the chart above. Exports to Hong Kong have declined. Combined, year-to-date beef exports to China and Hong  Kong are 163 percent above 2020 levels. 

Pork exports during August were about the same as during August 2020. However, there were big shifts in volumes to particular destinations. Pork exports to China (the third largest volume destination) during August were 49 percent lower than during August 2020. However, exports to Mexico were 50 percent higher which offset the declines to China. Mexico was the largest volume destination during August followed by Japan. 

Broiler exports were up 5.5 percent above August 2020. The biggest increases were in exports to Mexico (up  22 percent) and Cuba (up 80 percent) from August 2020. These countries were the top two export destinations during August. 


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