How to Create Attention-Grabbing Content to Grow Your Agribusiness with Social Media

Using social media content to grow an agribusiness should not be a mystery, but for most, it is. Often, the problem is that the content produced does not grab followers’ attention. When that happens, followers ignore the content. 

But recent research shows how to create social media content to get attention and engagement. The solution is to avoid critical mistakes when creating content (Barnes, 2020). 

One common mistake is agribusiness companies don’t explain that they solve a specific problem for customers. How do you write this type of content? Here’s an example post from a Mississippi agribusiness company called HogEye Trap Cameras. This Facebook post reached more than 10 million followers: 

            Are you frustrated because you can’t stop feral hogs from destroying          

            your land, property, and habitat? 

Now let’s see why the post attracted attention and engagement. [Frustrated] is the negative feeling landowners have. {Can’t stop feral hogs} is the problem. [Destroying your land, property, and habitat] are the economic losses. In a few words, this post asks landowners if they have this problem. If they do, they will keep reading. The rest of the post highlighted the solution this company sells and the savings that will accrue if customers buy, namely the economic value of stopping feral hog damages. 

Talk about the problem you solve for your customers. It’s the easiest way to hook followers’ attention.

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