Curiosity to Cash: Successful Web Marketing

Too many agribusiness owners struggle to convert website visits into sales. The first step is to answer three critical questions in less than ten seconds with the content in the header section of your website. 

To demonstrate the use of these three questions, we reviewed the Palo Blanco Farms website and gave them suggestions for their website. 

What Do You Offer?

Palo Blanco Farms first noted that they sold healthy and sustainable food in the header section of their website, which was vague. We learned that they earn 70% of their revenue from selling organic microgreens, so this main product should be featured in the header. Also, we suggested they add details about what microgreens are. Microgreens are a nutritious and natural way to add veggies to your diet. These details tell their customers what they are selling. 

Why Do I Want It?

Palo Blanco Farms could state that microgreens are a healthier, safer alternative to nutritional supplements. They could also explain that consuming microgreens brings health benefits from essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

How Do I Get It?

The primary call to action is to buy now. We suggested: (1) Buy the product; (2) Receive the Greens; and (3) Live Well, Be Healthy. Since Palo Blanco focuses primarily on subscription deliveries in Laredo, we suggested they design a buy-now experience that minimizes clicks – as Amazon does. 

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