Our Most Read Articles for 2022-2023

Every July at the Southern Extension Committee Meetings, Southern Ag Today likes to take the opportunity to recognize our authors for all their hard work. We look at all the articles written over the past year May 2022 – April 2023 and decide which were read, viewed, and shared the most using our analytics. We are pleased to announce our 2022-2023 winners.

Overall Winner – Yanshu Li, “Do I need to pay the Net Investment Income Tax on my timber income?

Crop Marketing Monday Winner Hunter Biram & Will Maples, “Key Takeaways and Reliability of the 2023 Prospective Planting Report

Livestock Marketing Tuesday David Anderson, “Another Week, Another Record

Farm Management Wednesday Max Runge, “ Wheat Straw Nutrient Removal

Policy/Trade Thursday Bart Fischer and Joe Outlaw, “An Early Look at the Farm Safety Net for Cotton in 2023

AgLaw/Specialty Topics Friday (Cooperatives) – John Park,   “Should We Form a Cooperative?